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(Pocket-lint) - It was promised, and now it is here. The BBC has released a new and improved Media Player app for Android users that dispenses with the need to have Flash on your phone. 

"This application works with other BBC websites and applications to provide improved video and audio playback on your Android phone. We're just rolling it out now to the BBC iPlayer website. Other applications and websites will follow," says the Corporation on the Google Play listing. 

"Once you have downloaded this application, continue to browse the BBC website on your Android phone as normal. When you play any video or audio the BBC Media Player will launch and handle playback of the content. We've worked hard to integrate it as much as possible with the website, so don't worry if you don't notice this happening."

You may notice that when you install the app it asks you for permission to access your phone's network communication, phone calls, and system tools.

However, we've already found that it doesn't work on the new Motorola Razr i launching in the UK shortly. 

As Adobe has withdrawn its own Flash Player support for Android versions above Ice Cream Sandwich, the Beeb was in a position where its own catch-up service app could fail to work on new mobile devices. However, with its Media Player, that shouldn't be an issue.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.