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(Pocket-lint) - The games are almost upon us. Paul McCartney is prepping his hair and getting ready to treat us to a track by Wings (they're only the band the Beatles could have been). Beckham is getting ready to ride a horse and Daniel Craig is going to wow us with a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s sonnets. All the while a hundred British bulldogs are going to be playing British Bulldog in the middle of the Olympic stadium.

This is at least what we guess will happen. Should you not want to miss such a dog-filled extravaganza, or the chance to witness Brian May’s hair catch fire, then viewing it online is definitely an option. But where to do it?

BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer

The government has already warned that ISPs and broadband speed might suffer a tad under the weight of the Olympic Games. Expect plenty of spinning buffer wheels to be plaguing your laptop during the events.

Still if you have the connection, then the BBC has an incredible amount of content on offer. Head over to the BBC Sport website or fire up iPlayer. The Live tab on the BBC Sport website is where most of the real excitement is going to happen, with coverage of absolutely everything going on during the Games.

There is also a BBC Olympics app for smartphones and tablets as well as Smart TVs, which we put through its paces when it was announced in May. If you fancy reading about it then check it out here.

Alternatively, simply download the apps for either Android here or the iPhone here. For things like TiVo and Smart TVs, you should find them added to the relevant app stores.

Go to TVCatchup

Another solution, should you be struggling to make headway with the BBC, is to use TVCatchup. The website is basically a way to stream various TV channels, pretty much all of FreeView, over the web and even 3G on your phone.

tvcatchup brings freeview to your ipad image 1

This does mean however that you are restricted to the standard BBC channels on offer over terrestrial TV and that you cannot use any of the clever services that the BBC Sport website manages. Still, if you are after a way to watch the 100 metre finals and iPlayer is just clogged up, then TVCatchup could be a good alternative

Viewing abroad

iPlayer doesn’t work for everyone. What if you don’t live in the UK? There are other options - take NBC for example, which has pretty much the same se-tup as the BBC except it works only in the US.

Pocket-linthow to watch the olympics online image 2

Other options are to Google specific events or to look at things on YouTube. It might be that you don’t get to see things live straight away, but there is no doubt that anything exciting will get uploaded near instantly.

Sky Go

If you are a Sky subscriber then another way of doing things would be to watch the BBC's main coverage using the Sky Go app on tablets or your desktop. This way you can even get a multi-room set-up going on, should some other people fancy watching different events. 

Pocket-lintsky go ios and android apps updated now watch tv shows on demand too image 1

If you are a Sky subscriber but are yet to try Sky Go, then head over here

Any other ways to watch? Let us know in the comments below ... 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 16 April 2013.