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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has announced ambitious plans for its Olympic coverage, with no fewer than 24 HD streams available and full video of every single sport across the Games. 

On top of this, the BBC will launch a dedicated radio channel, Radio 5 Live Olympics extra, just for the games. Now on to the juicy part - there is also to be a totally bespoke desktop player with HD playback, an Android and iOS app, new mobile versions of the BBC Sport site and apps for connected TVs. 

It all forms part of the BBC's four-screens strategy, which will allow you, in theory, to watch the Olympics live just about wherever you are. Even feature phones haven't been left out and will be getting downscaled, simplified versions of the BBC Sport website.

On Android and iOS custom-built BBC Sport apps will allow you to watch live video as well as choose from various highlights packages. No HD playback yet. unfortunately, but the apps will support streaming over 3G.

The BBC is going all out with the Olympics, with an all encompassing coverage strategy that will result in more than 2500 hours of recorded footage. For those wanting to watch the app on conventional television, BBC One and BBC Three will form the backbone of all video. Broadcasts will switch to BBC Two once the news comes on. There are even plans for a 3D broadcast and Digital Hi-Vision 4K content. 

Full red button support and a custom app for smart TVs along the lines of the currently available Virgin Media TiVo app will also be launched. There is no mention of anything on YouView yet, but then the service is miles ready from launch.

Pocket-lint has had a lengthy play with all of the BBC's Olympic apps and the new desktop player and smart TV app. Expect a hands-on very soon.

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 16 April 2013.