The BBC has teamed up with Virgin Media to announce that a new, enhanced and sporty Red Button service will be landing on the cable giant's TiVo platform next year.

The BBC Sport app will hit the clever set-top box in 2012, along with the BBC News app that we've already seen launch on Samsung Smart TVs and blu-ray players.

The sports based app will, like the news one, will take its on demand video streams and additional content from BBC Online, giving TiVo users access to a "next-generation TV experience" including action from Wimbledon, Formula 1, Euro 2012 and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Jane Weedon, controller of business development for BBC Future Media said: "With its pioneering BBC iPlayer service now available on more than 300 different internet-connected TV devices, the BBC has successfully taken catch-up TV beyond the PC and into the living room.

"Having partnered with Virgin Media to bring BBC iPlayer to TV back in 2008, we have since brought a vastly-improved, fully-integrated experience of BBC iPlayer to Virgin Media’s TiVo Service. With the addition of the BBC News app and enhanced BBC Sport services – all accessible via the Red Button – we plan to build on this partnership and continue to innovate in connected TV through 2012."

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