The new BBC homepage, that appeared in beta from back in September, has gone live for real and is displayed in all of its glory to everyone (in the UK, at least) visiting Auntie's website.

"Results from the beta test site indicate that the majority of BBC websites have received a greater proportion of traffic from the new homepage," said James Thornett, the production manager. "The page is performing as intended following the redesign which is the reason we're now launching it for all users.

"Since the beta launch ten weeks ago we've had three hundred comments on the blogs, over twenty thousand responses to our online survey, and over two and a half thousand direct emails."

The redesign, which is fairly minimal, tips its cap to the current, white-spaced trend that is dominating the web (as per Pocket-lint's funky design). 

At the top is a carousel-style gallery, with three panels that can be reached by using the left and right arrows. It's all very tablet-esque; a deliberate ploy according to Thornett who Pocket-lint spoke with when the beta was announced. 

The carousel gives the BBC a chance to highlight what it thinks are key areas, with the most prominent positions on the far left being chosen by an editorial team and also highlights the top news and sports stories.

There are simple to use filter options to see your favourite categories and gone are the advanced customisation options. Instead there are nation-specific homepages, or location based ones of your choosing. This is set in the same way in which your weather page is currently set; via a postcode entry.

At the bottom are what the Beeb is calling "draws" - expandable columns for the most popular stories, a "What's On" section and an "Explore" section that is basically a tag index of the whole site. 

It's live now - head on over to to check it out.