The BBC is likely to close the BBC HD channel and replace it with a high definition version of BBC Two. 

The BBC HD channel is well known for its pioneering of HD broadcasts in the UK, including things like Planet Earth and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 3D. 

The decision to remove the channel comes as part of an increasing number of cutbacks by the BBC, in attempts to save around £700 million by 2017. 

The BBC Trust plans on launching a public consultation into the major channel changes and cutbacks. Lord Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust explained: 

"The Trust's view has been clear from the start of this process - the BBC must look to run itself as efficiently as possible before we consider cutting services. Over half of the savings announced today will come from changes to operations, but there will need to be some changes to services, and we now need to test BBC management's proposals for this. We agree with the direction that the Director-General has taken, but we want to hear what the public think, as it is ultimately their BBC."

It is part of a wider series of changes to the BBC's programming, including "refocusing BBC Three and Four to play supporting roles to the two bigger channels". There are also plans to make small reductions in the entertainment schedules of BBC One and BBC Two.

BBC HD made its debut back in 2006 as one of very few freely available high definition channels. It has included things like simulcasts of Top Gear and other flagship BBC broadcasts. Earlier this year the BBC's head of HD Danielle Negler announced plans to leave the company in September, this was followed by rumour stories that BBC HD would being aligning itself with BBC Two. It now appears that those rumours will come true. 

For those yet to see it, the earlier HD broadcasts of Planet Earth are breathtaking and still some of the best high definition content you'll find.

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