The BBC is to blast our eyes with ultra-crispy Super Hi Vision resolution during the Olympics via three 15 metre high screens.

The gargantuan televisions will make an appearance at the Beeb's own Pacific Quay building in Glasgow, the National Media Museum in Bradford and of course Broadcasting House in London.

Super Hi Vision brings with it a sort of ultra HD experience quite unlike any other. Things are so crisp, thanks to the 16 times better than HD resolution, that even on giant 15 metre screens edges remain sharp and detail is preserved.

Don't expect Super Hi Vision to be making an appearance in your living room anytime soon though, the sets aren't likely to arrive on shop shelves until 2022. Sharp is currently developing a massive 85 inch set that takes advantage of the technology.

Super Hi Vision uses wide angle lenses and single cameras to capture the ultra-sharp pictures. It has already been used for basketball and other sporting events. The technology also made an appearance over in Japan when a gig by the Charlatans was broadcast by NHK using it.

NHK developed the idea of HD video way back in 1969 and are no strangers to pushing televisual technology.

If Super Hi Vision is next on the bill of resolution jumps for consumer grade televisions what exactly is going to happen to Blu-ray? We better not have to buy Batman all over again...

More resolution? Or HD good enough for ya?