We at Pocket-lint are big fans of TVonics, especially its Z500HD, which earned the coveted Pocket-lint "Hot Product" tag when we reviewed it earlier this year.

We're also massive fans of the BBC iPlayer of course, without it we'd be lost in a world without Rastamouse and ZingZillas Zingbop.

So the news that the iPlayer is landing on both the Z500HD, and its older brother the HD500, has been welcomed like a can of blue paint onto a deputy PM.

TVonics users simply have to push the red button to access the VoD content, with both SD and HD content on offer.

Andy Carr, CTO of TVonics commented: “We are committed to listening to our customers and providing them with the services they really want. Upgrading our Freeview+ HD recorders with internet services allows us to ensure that all customers have the latest features without a lot of hassle. Now, all they have to do is switch on and take advantage of new services as they arrive."

To get the iPlayer, you'll need to visit tvonics.com to grab the software. It launches at 12pm on 26 August.

TVonics DTR-HD500 review

TVonics DTR-Z500HD review