The BBC has blamed regional and localised content for it not taking part in Sky’s HD swap programme.

Sky, who launched the initiative earlier in the year, has automatically swapped out its SD channels for HD equivalents on its Sky HD box in order to make sure lazy viewers (that’s you and me) don’t accidentally watch the standard broadcast and remember to watch the high definition version each time. They now just have the one option.

However, the BBC hasn’t, as yet, signed up to that offering. And, now we know why.

Alix Pryde, director of distribution at the BBC, said that BBC One currently offers too much regional and localised content that isn’t in HD to be able to make the switch.

Currently, as viewers of the HD channel from the Beeb will know, they are occasionally presented with a “Sorry we haven’t got this content in HD” message, specifically during news programming.

It seems that until the local divisions of the BBC catch up, you’re unlikely to find BBC One HD sitting at channel 101 on your Sky box.

For now, and the near future, it looks like you’ll have to remember that when it comes to watching The Apprentice in HD its still going to be channel 143.