Big news for Boxee Box users in the UK - a native BBC iPlayer app has finally landed.

Previously Boxee Boxers could only access Auntie's goodies through the web browser on their devices and, although this still allowed access to all the programming, it was a rather clunky and laborious affair.

Now the app presents itself much like the PS3 version with a landing page that features a Home, TV, Radio and Search buttons, a nice carousel wheel showing off some of the shows on offer, and sections for Highlights, Most Popular and Last Played.

There's no HD action as of yet, but the streams are pretty clear and we experienced zero buffering issues once our selected programme had started.

Boxee announced the new app at an event in London on Tuesday, where it also showed off a demo of its forthcoming iPad app - which Boxee's VP of marketing, Andrew Kippen detailed to Pocket-lint last month.

BlinkBox is also listed in Boxee's future plans but, in order for UK Boxee fans to get as much out of their box as their American counterparts then they're going to need a serious movie rental service to come on board.

Luckily, we're hearing that a Lovefilm deal is on the horizon - so watch this space.

To get the new BBC iPlayer app, you'll first need to update your Boxee Box software. This can be done through the Settings menu.

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