The BBC could technically show the last three days of Wimbledon in 3D on it’s HD channel, Sony has told Pocket-lint.

Sony, who has been given the job of filming the world famous tennis championship in 3D for 2011, has let slip that the Beeb could be about to use the stereoscopic format for the women’s and men’s finals this year.

“It’s technically possible for the BBC to do a 3D broadcast over their HD channel,” Malcom Robinson, Sony’s Live Production boss told Pocket-lint.

Sky, who already broadcasts in 3D in the UK, currently uses the same technique, pushing two image signals (left and right) over a HD channel that a 3D TV then turns into a 3D image for your glasses to decode.

Wondering what the BBC had to said about it all, we gave them a ring.

Sadly, the BBC couldn’t comment on Robinson’s remarks. However, it did admit that the corporation is working with Sony, and that it would let us know what plans it has for Wimbledon in the very near future, presumably before the tournament starts.

That’s possibly good news for tennis fans. As far we can tell - by, admittedly, reading between the lines somewhat - it’s not an outright “no”.

The BBC has yet to engage publically in 3D, turning down Sony and Sky’s offers of a 3D World Cup and other events like the Royal Wedding. However, that didn’t stop Robinson telling us that Sony is working with the BBC “a lot”, suggesting that the beeb is in the process of changing its mind over the new technology.

Exciting times.