Back in December last year Pocket-lint told you how the BBC had global plans for its flagship video-on-demand vessel, the iPlayer.

And now, speaking at the FT Digital Media & Broadcasting conference in London, BBC director general Mark Thompson said that the international version of its iPad-based catch-up service will launch "definitely this year" and will cost "fewer than $10" per month.

The subscription based app will allow the Beeb to sell its famous content to an overseas audience without the programming being messed around with by third party broadcasters and networks.

Thompson also called for a unified roadmap for mobile TV in the UK, stating: "there's a strong case for the UK's broadcasters, mobile phone operators, Ofcom and government to come together to develop a roadmap for the introduction of mobile TV in this country."

"This would be complementary to the availability of TV content on demand, whether streamed or cached on the device and would enable the public to access time-critical content – news, major sports events and so on – wherever they are," he added.

The Global iPlayer app would attempt to take on the likes of Hulu and Netflix in the US, and the corporation will hope that the BBC's reputation for high quality programming could be enough to persuade Johnny Foreigner and his buddies to part with their hard earned-dollars.