The BBC has revealed that the iPad iPlayer app was downloaded 54,511 times in the first 24 hours from the App Store.

The Beeb also stated that, on the first day of the new iOS and Android platforms (Thursday 10 February) 50 per cent of all programme requests from Android devices and 55 per cent of iPad requests came from the new apps. 

There was a 228 per cent growth in the total amount of iPlayer requests from Android devices from Wednesday 9 February to Thursday 10 February, and the requests from iPads grew 111 per cent. 

The BBC also revealed that the success of the iPlayer on its more traditional platforms continues to smash records by the month. In January, it received 162 million requests for TV and radio programmes up 17 million on the December figure - also 35 per cent up year on year.

We're iPlayer mad it's clear and with the new app offerings, surely the platform is going to continue breaking records every month.

It's a shame YouView isn't ready to tap into the popularity...

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