You may have read our brilliant iPad BBC iPlayer hands on, and thought to yourself, "if only there was a version for my Android device". Well dear readers, there is - and it's in the Android Market now.

Just like its Apple-based cousin the app allows you to watch live TV, listen to live radio, browse suggested video-on-demand, have a look at the most popular programmes, search by channels or airing dates, add programmes to your favourites and browse through the schedule for upcoming programmes.

Alas, there's no download option, but that is not unique to the Android version and it surely has to be top of the Beeb's list for further updates.

The only major difference that we've stumbled across is that there is no HQ option as per the iOS version - which is a shame because the playback looks a tad pixelated on the 7-inch screen on the Galaxy Tab. You can set the quality of the stream in the app settings, 400kbps, 500kbps or 800kbps, but even the top setting isn't as smooth as the iPad's HQ option.

You will need a Wi-Fi connection to make use of the BBC iPlayer app and your device needs to be rocking Android 2.2+. You'll also need Flash 10.1 installed.

It's free, it's less than a 1MB download and it's in the Android Market now.

First show to watch? Rastamouse - Da Crucial Plan, obviously. (Check out his finger action when he asks for "some of that special cheese" - brilliant).

BBC iPlayer for iPad hands-on