The BBC has announced that its Red Button service is now fully operational for Freesat viewers.

Previously Freesaters only had access to limited content and not the whole shebang. For example, during December Freesat viewers were not able to see bonus content from Miranda and Stephen K Amos, Weekend Wogan extras or the Alan Davies show - imagine the horror!

But it's all sorted now though, with the Beeb's Ronald Bullen confirming the new platform in a blog post on

"The BBC Red Button offering on the new platform was not quite the same as that on our existing platforms such as Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview and this has generated some comments since then," he wrote.

"In particular, Freesat viewers have been keen to enjoy the same video content that was made available on other platforms. I want to update these Freesat viewers on some exciting developments. 

"Today, all Freesat viewers (broadcast and IP connected boxes) will be able to access our single stream video services as well as the Sport Multiscreen service that accompanied the initial launch; this brings Freesat viewers a wider range of BBC Red Button video-based services to enjoy."

You can check out what's on the Red Button service using the dedicated "What's on" website. Or you could just push the Red Button, and prepare yourself for a treat.