The BBC has published its stats for its iPlayer service, and it makes for some impressive reading as Auntie celebrates "a record breaking 2010".

Throughout 2010 the BBC is reporting that its iPlayer has dealt with 1.3 billion streaming requests throughout 2010, with November being particularly busy with 141 million requests being made.

Doctor Who was the most watched single programme of the year on BBC iPlayer with 2.2 million requests for The Eleventh Hour, followed by the first episode of Top Gear series 15, with 1.6m and Sherlock - A Study in Pink on 1.4m.

Strong performances in 2010 were also seen for Outnumbered, and the 25th anniversary EastEnders live episode in February.  On radio, sports coverage took the top spots with Radio 5 Live’s coverage of the England v Slovenia World Cup game, The Ashes and The Ryder Cup receiving the most requests.

Daniel Danker, general manager, Programmes and On Demand, said: "BBC iPlayer has had a remarkable year - with well over 100 million requests for programmes each month of 2010 and over 1.3 billion programmes played through the year".    

On a weekly basis, each user of TV on BBC iPlayer is requesting just over four programmes, and streaming over an hour of content.  Each weekly user of radio content is requesting just under five programmes, and is streaming around three hours of radio content.

The BBC iPlayer is now in its third year, and seems to be going from strength to strength, highlighting the growing dependency the British public is placing on streaming services as opposed to the traditional scheduled programming.