High-quality radio is on its way to the BBC courtesy of the newly announced HD Sound service.

Launching initially via the BBC Radio 3 website stream, the service will offer "improved encoding and higher bit rates to offer the BBC's highest audio quality broadcast to date. It also offers a wider dynamic range, accentuating the difference in volume between quiet and loud sounds".

HD Sound will also be used for special events such as the the Electric Proms on BBC Radio 2, which kicks off on 28 October.

The plan is to eventually integrate HD Sound into on-demand radio services and the iPlayer.

Tim Davie, director of BBC Audio & Music, said: "HD Sound is an exciting development and a signal of our commitment to innovate in digital radio for the benefit of our listeners".

Roger Wright, controller of Radio 3 and director of the BBC Proms, said: "Online listeners to Radio 3 were able to enjoy the final week of this year's BBC Proms in extra high quality audio and I'm thrilled that we can now offer this streaming permanently across our full schedule".

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