Speaking at the Samsung Smart TV conference in London, The BBC's senior business development manager of Future Media and Technology, Charles Tigges, looked forward to the next 24 months of BBC iPlayer and spoke of some interesting new developments for the service. 

"The BBC thinks that in the next 12 months, the Smart TV sector will see the biggest growth in the market", said Tigges, highlighting why the corporation is looking to further its offering on Samsung's Internet@TV app service, for example.

And the first thing that the broadcaster is looking at, he told a room of new application developers, is combining access of its platform on Samsung Smart TVs via a mobile phone: "Imagine being able to watch a programme on your TV [via iPlayer], while channel surfing on your mobile. Select the programme on your mobile and it starts on your TV".

He also believes that, within the next 2 years, there will be on-screen icons, much like the interactive red button, for consumers to jump straight into catch-up TV services: "Imagine that a user is watching Top Gear, and the editor has decided to make former programmes available at the click of an icon in the top right hand corner of the screen", said Tigges. "We think that this functionality will drive the use of iPlayer on TVs and applications generally".

And, finally, it was revealed that The BBC is planning on bringing straight-to-TV games to Samsung and other brands' connected TV offerings: "We also think that games are going to grow in use [on Smart TVs]. We think that BBC games, such as Doctor Who, will make it to the TV in the next 24 months".

Busy times for the broadcaster ahead, it seems.