You may remember back in May, Pocket-lint told you all about the BBC's new iPlayer platform that was being launched in beta form. You may have even tried out the beta version for yourself (8-10 per cent of viewers did apparently).

And now, the beta stage has nearly come to its end, and we've been informed by the Beeb that the stable version of the revamped service will be going live early next week -  meaning a new looking BBC iPlayer for everyone logging on to the service.

As well as an updated design and UI, the updated iPlayer also has a few key new features on board, such as more personalisation options, including personal categories, saved settings with a BBC ID and a "For You" section, and, most excitingly, social network integration with Twitter and Facebook.

James Hewines, the BBC iPlayer product lead explains:

"While social networks are now a well established phenomenon, socially enhanced TV and radio aren't. It's early days yet, but we're pretty sure that this is going to be an important facility in the near future.

"Together, we hope these features represent a crucial evolutionary step in the enjoyment of online TV and radio. Until now, the focus has been on getting programmes to users packaged in a coherent experience - this next step is about allowing users to interact with the service and each other around our programmes".

If you're confused as to how you're going to get on with the new iPlayer service, then take a look at the YouTube series of videos that the BBC has put together, starring Rufus Hound, who runs through all of the changes, and throws the odd joke in too for good measure.