The BBC has penned a post on its "The Editors" blog saying that the corporation's website has been slammed with massive traffic following the results of the UK's 2010 general election, which has ended up in a precarious hung parliament.

The BBC says: "As the story of the election continues to unfold, we're seeing unprecedented levels of traffic to the BBC News website - it's looking like more than five million users since midnight according to the data we have so far, and thousands of searches every minute on our constituency result pages".

"For such high usage, it's all been working pretty smoothly on the technical front, and we're working hard to make sure it stays that way. If the site is a bit slower for you at any time today, that's why".

We've found the constituency checking map to be a little unresponsive, but the site to broadly be standing up to the traffic. How are your favourite news sites coping with the increased level of traffic looking for the latest on the election?