Like them or loath them, the newly-designed Daleks, as unveiled during last Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, took to the streets of Sheffield yesterday in order to promote the launch of the Doctor Who Adventure games.

Although many details of the episodic PC (and Mac) downloads are already known - including the launch date of 5 June - the title of the first part has now been revealed as City of the Daleks.

Details of the plot have also emerged: It’s 1963 and London is in ruins because the multi-coloured Daleks have seized control of time. It sparks a mammoth quest that has you visit Skaro, the Daleks' home planet. It’ll also be the first time the Doctor will have journeyed to Kaalann, the capital city of the Daleks, so should keep die-hard fans happy.

As for the invasion of Sheffield, it was the first time the new Daleks have been seen in the flesh, so to speak, and lucky kids in schools in the area had a chance to play the game in advance. Not that we’re jealous... Not... One... Bit.