British newspapers worried that the BBC is getting too powerful have forced the BBC to put on hold plans for a range of iPhone apps.

First announced at Mobile World Congress in February, the BBC Trust has asked the BBC to postpone its plans while it looks into the business case for the new services.

Several newspapers including the Guardian and Daily Telegraph already offer both free and paid-for apps, but were uphappy that the Beeb would be venturing onto their turf.

A spokesperson for the BBC Trust said that the body had decided to launch an assessment of the apps after "representations from industry".

One of the most vocal opponents has been the Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA), which said that the corporation would "damage the nascent market" for apps.

At the time the BBC director of future media and technology, Erik Huggers, said that the BBC is planning to release mobile applications for BBC News and BBC Sport, kicking off with a BBC News app for iPhone and iPod touch in April. 

“It’s been 12 years since the launch of BBC Online, but as media converges and technology accelerates, licence fee payers are increasingly using sophisticated handheld devices to access information", said Huggers.

The BBC has also said it is considering BBC iPlayer applications for release later in the year, but provided no further info. We will keep you posted.