Erik Huggers, the BBC's director of Future Media and Technology has said that it is planning to integrate Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and other social networking platforms into a new version of the company's BBC iPlayer; version 3.0

“We are close to launching the third version of the iPlayer in beta which will have many more social functions embedded within it", Mr Huggers told The Telegraph. "People will be able to bring their Facebook friends onto the iPlayer so they can share what they are listening to or watching with each other more easily.

The news comes as the BBC iPlayer is continuing to be a success following yet another "record-breaking" month.

According to the Beeb, there was a rise of 81% on February 2009 for the number of TV show requests.

Daily requests reached 3.5 million in February, while the month as a whole drew an average of 1.4 million users per day.

Strangely the live episode of EastEnders proved the iPlayer's most popular TV show in February with more than 1.1 million requests.

The iPlayer notched up a total of 116.4 million requests last month, including a record breaking 68.7 million requests for TV shows alone.