The BBC iPlayer has seen yet another record breaking month as the nation continues to "catch-up" with programmes they've missed on-line.

According to the latest figures from BBC iStats, the department that tracks these things, the UK requested over 120.3 million shows in January from the service across all platforms including the Nintendo Wii, PS3, and Virgin Media's set top box.

PC use is still the predominant force, commanding 87% market share, followed by the PS3 with 8% while Nintendo's Wii, boosted by an ad campaign, has raised its share to 4%.

What are we watching? It seems EastEnders is still the biggest benefiter of the service with eight of the highest shows in the top 20 for the month.

In terms of sheer numbers of views, though, it seems the BBC's decision to put Top Gear on a Sunday night means that it's the biggest puller on the on-demand service with 1,135,000 people watching episode 7 of the current series and a further 525,000 watching episode 6 where the chaps go to Bolivia.

For radio, the biggest performer was the Test Match Special with six of the top 10 requests for the match at the beginning of the month while Chris Evans must have said something funny on his breakfast show on 11 January; it was the second most listened to show for radio during the month.

It's also worth noting that Snow helped to deliver the highest week of total requests in the week of 4-10 Jan with a figure of 23.8 million requests.