The BBC has released its monthly press pack, which usually provides viewing figures and usage statistics for the iPlayer video on demand service in the UK. However this month there was an extra surprise - an screenshot showing an iPlayer application running on the iPhone.

The screenshot seems to display a downloads option as well as a streaming option and the ability to view content live as it broadcasts. In the image, the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, which suggests that 3G connections wouldn't be permitted to access the service.

There's no official confirmation from the BBC about an iPlayer application for the iPhone, but it'd be very surprising if the corporation didn't have one in the works, especially as it's had an iPhone-optimised website since March 2008.

The statistics in the press pack also make for quite interesting reading. In total there were 79.3 million including a record-breaking 53.2m for TV programmes. Question Time featuring the BNP's Nick Griffin was the most popular programme - taking 0.9m requests across the time period from 22 to 31 October.

Elsewhere, 85% of viewings were from the desktop interface, with 7% and 6% respectively from the iPhone website and PS3 application. Users are "strongly" under 55, and on-demand TV viewing comprises 96% of requests, as opposed to 4% for live content.

If you'd like even more detailed stats, take a look at the data pack yourself. Be aware that it's in Powerpoint format, though, so we've uploaded it to Google Docs for those who don't have Office installed.

Update: Nick Reynolds from the BBC is saying that this image is old, and shouldn't be taken to mean anything is likely to happen soon. Read into that what you will.