Think about your shiny flatscreen TV - its surround sound, its HD capability, its sheer undiluted beauty. Now think about the 28,000 people in Britain, including 1950 in Scotland, that still watch television in black & white.

The TV licensing agency has released stats on the nation's TV viewing to mark the 40th anniversary of the first colour transmissions from BBC1 and ITV. But we're not a nation of luddites - more than 1 million unique users visited BBC iPlayer each day in September, watching more than 60.8 million programmes.

Fergus Reid, a spokesperson for TV Licensing, said: "These figures show TV has never been more popular across the spectrum, and with so many ways to watch TV now available, it is important people are aware of their legal responsibilities".

"Whether you watch in black and white on a 40-year-old TV set or in colour on a brand new 37in LCD flatscreen, you need to be covered by a TV Licence if watching or recording programmes as they are broadcast. "The same is true if you access programmes via the Internet as they are being shown on TV - if you're using a laptop, mobile phone, games console or any other device".

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