It's been announced that Pioneer's "most powerful and advanced amplifier yet", the SC-LX90, will be coming to the UK within the next 6 months, so plenty of time to save up...

Years of "intense" collaboration between the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower team and Pioneer's amplifier design specialists has resulted in a product with the new Direct Energy HD Amplifier that delivers a solid drive capability that can realise true multi-channel continuous power output at e.g. 200W x 7 simultaneously.

Boasting a "Separated Power Block Design" that Pioneer claims realises the perfect unification of an optimally designed pre-amplifier and power amplifier, the SC-LX90 supports Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio and has a THX Ultra2 Plus certification mark.

The SC-LX90 is designed to DLNA guidelines and complies with the Microsoft PlaysForSure requirements, so digital still photos and HD digital videos while USB and iPod digital audio playback are also available.

"Four years have passed since the introduction of our last widely acclaimed reference A/V amplifier, the VSA-AX10Ai. At that time, it was our masterpiece, and ahead of the game in terms of delivering high quality audio output", says Jim Catcheside product manager at Pioneer GB.

"The core research goal for a new flagship amplifier was clear: select and develop an amplification platform that can take sound to a new level. And that’s how we arrived at ICEpower."