Bang & Olufsen has announced the arrival of the Beo5 remote control that is possibly one of the poshest universal remotes available to mankind.

It's a fully flexible and personalised remote control with a universal language that can operate any product combination, even - and this is a great line - "products with features and functions that are not known yet".

The Beo5 is delivered without any features from the Bang & Olufsen factory, and then professionally customised for each customer at the local stores.

This means that each unit matches the individual needs of every customer giving them complete control of their home set up - customers have the option to add and remove features at any time by going back to their Bang & Olufsen showroom.

Buttons and functions can be added or removed, or even arranged to suit left-handed use. As well as AV equipment, lighting, remote control curtains, windows, air-conditioning, or security systems can be programmed in.

The Beo5 features a striking design, a colour LCD display with a programmable touch-sensitive screen of chemically hardened glass and base station that charges it up for up to 12 hours use.

Oh - and it's also been fully tested against "hand lotion tolerance". We kid you not. The Beo5 will be available in America by "Fall" 2007. Expected price is $560.