Bang & Olufsen has unveiled another elegant LCD TV, this time one that incorporates DAB radio as standard.

Oddly for such a lovely piece of designed, and one that runs to £2740, the BeoCenter 6-23 is not HD-ready, which makes it feel a bit outdated already.

If you’re not fussed about high definition, then this beast may take your fancy. Its ultra-sharp TFT LCD screen promises 180 degree viewing angle and has a front glass screen to make the picture brighter even in glaring daylight.

DVI input means that the screen doubles as a computer monitor, while BeoLink compatibility allows it to be connected to any other B&O TV in the home.

Not content with plain black, Bang & Olufsen is offering the TV in a choice of aluminium, black, dark grey, yellow, blue, and red, so that it matches any décor.

In order to streamline home entertainment, the Beo4 remote control that comes with the TV works across the line of products, so that you only ever need 1 remote; an optional motorised TV stand means that using the remote control you can turn the TV in whichever direction you please.

The wall mount for the TV is £185, while the motorised floor stand is £365.