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(Pocket-lint) - The mid-range TV market is absolutely booming at the moment, and Bang & Olufsen has come in with a very attractive option, if typically premium. But what would you really expect?

The 55-inch Beovision Contour uses LG's OLED screen, so makes sure the visuals aren't left to chance. However, it's in the audio where B&O is a master.

The new set comes with a Beosound Stage speaker, which houses 11 speaker drivers and amplifiers, including 4 x 4-inch bass drivers. This includes three-channel and Dolby Atmos speaker technology which delivers a spatial auditory experience.

In true Bang & Olufsen fashion, the build looks top notch. There are three colour options to choose from: Silver, Black Anthracite, and Gold Tone. These all have matching fabric or wood veneers for the speaker's cover in front. It's the little touches that can make or break a product. Things like the cables being out of place. But B&O makes sure that they're internally routed and out of sight.

You can choose from three different stand options. A longer floor stand, a shorter table stand, or a wall-mounted option. The stands are both made of aluminium to continue that premium feel. And the integration of the speaker and TV does look great.

What about the price? It's something you can't overlook with B&O considering the solid quality it usually delivers.

The fabric finish retails at £6,300, while the wood comes in at £7,100. This is the pricing for the floor stand option. But what is good is that it throws in the Beoremote One controller - that's usually £300 on its own. Head over to Bang and Olufsen for more.

Writing by Claudio Rebuzzi. Editing by Rik Henderson.