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(Pocket-lint) - You know the conundrum: you've got a spare €18,500 knocking around and really need a new TV... said nobody ever. But high-end Danish speaker manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has an incredibly over-the-top solution in its Beovision Harmony, which includes rotating speakers. 

Yes, rotating speakers; ones that half cover the TV screen and gracefully swing into place upon switching it on, like a butterfly spreading its wings, raising the screen's position in the process. Which looks incredible, but happens so slowly that we can see that feature becoming a key reason to not buy this telly in the first place. 

The Beovision Harmony is, in essence, a 77-inch LG C9 OLED with a lot of extra materials and design pizzazz. It's finished with oak and aluminium, for starters, with that speaker mechanism adding to the finery. As panels go, we think the LG is exceptional, so expect picture quality to be superb - not that you'd expect any less at this price point. 

Being well known for its speakers - B&O and its side arm Beoplay truly make some of the best-sounding ones we've ever heard across all price points - you can also bank on the Harmony's three channel system sounding superb too. There's also a built-in 7.1 surround sound decoder and B&O multi-room connectivity to really elevate the sound. 

The B&O Beovision Harmony will be available from October, priced from €18,500 (approximately £15,900 / $20,850 when converted).

Writing by Mike Lowe.