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(Pocket-lint) - It has been a couple of years since Bang & Olufsen unveiled a new television, the stunning BeoVision Avant. And it's been even longer since it released the BeoVision 11.

However, a spiritual successor to the latter is now available in the form of the BeoVision 14.

It adopts a similar design aesthetic to the older set but adds a 4K Ultra HD pixel resolution. It is also powered by Android TV and, therefore, has Google Cast abilities built into the set, but there's no sign of HDR picture tech support.

The B&O BeoVision 14 comes in 40 and 55-inch screen sizes and features an LCD panel with LED backlighting. It has anti-reflection front glass to remove reflections by up to 98 per cent. And a 360-degree Automatic Picture Control sensor adjusts images based on the ambient light in your current surroundings.

If you couple it with a motorise B&O stand, it will even sense your seating position and automatically turn to face you.

A three-way custom speaker adorns the front, which are covered by ultra-thin oak wood lamellas. The audio tech utilised is based on that found in the BeoLab 18 loudspeaker. A cloth front can be chosen instead of the oak in order to change the colour scheme.

The TV links with all other BeoLink Multiroon products and it comes with a new version of the BeoRemote One, which now features Bluetooth connectivity.

The BeoVision 14 4K Ultra HD TV starts at £4,495 for the 40-inch model. The 55-inch version retails from £6,495.

Writing by Rik Henderson.