Bang & Olufsen has added 3D functionality and a built-in Blu-ray player to its flagship TV - the BeoVision 7-55.

The 55-inch LED backlit super-stylish model works with active shutter lenses and, as well as the on-board Blu-ray, packs a motorised stand, an ultra-precise sensor and patented acoustic lens technology that adapts sound according to your living room's setup.

"3D functionality is in increasing demand right now where Hollywood as well as the gaming industry is starting to produce more material suited for 3D viewing," said Ole Moltsen, senior product manager of Bang & Olufsen.

"At the same time, more and more TV channels - in particular sports channels - are beginning to broadcast for example important football matches from Premier League in 3D. However, the quality of the 2D experience is just as important because it is still what our customers will use the most."

No word on a price yet, we'd hazard a guess at expensive.