It was announced back in January by the Asus CEO that the company were planning to capitalise, shall we say, on the success of the Eee PC sub-notebook and launch an entire range of low-cost computing products with the Eee branding.

Since then not much has been seen or heard of the new devices - said to be an all-in-one monitor desktop PC, a standalone low-cost PC sold with no monitor and the E-TV, a Linux-based television.

However, some images and info on the new devices have come out of the Computex event. PC World got a gander at the Eee Monitor all-in-one PC with an iMac-like design that should cost less than half the price of its Apple-made rival.

Marketed on design as a "fashion item" it will apparently present an uncluttered stylish look to fit into user's interior design.

The 42-inch Eee TV, snapped with little more info to go on, is said to add basic computing functions to an LCD HDTV and will cost around $200 more than your average set. Both are said to be due to be available in September.