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(Pocket-lint) - Asus is set launch its "Qube" set-top box packed with Google TV on 23 April, according to the folks at GTVSource. The April launch date is a month past the company's original Q1 2013 projection that it gave at CES 2013. 

The Qube is Asus's first dive into the Google TV platform. We got our first look at the Qube on the tradeshow floor of CES 2013, and found it very Boxee Box-like in shape. It works as you would expect, with a zippy interface and fast loading times to get through content. 

The Qube features a rather complicated remote for controlling the interface, if you choose not to use software available on Google Play for the Nexus 7. A full-Qwerty keyboard is found on the back, along with a microphone for voice control. 

Inside, the Qube features two USB sockets and a HDMI port for connecting to your TV. It's powered by an ARMADA 1500 processor, with 4GB of Flash storage for apps, and 1GB RAM -- not too shabby.

Past version 3 of Google TV, Asus has included its own Qube interface. It aims to show users everything on the screen through the rotating cube and can be navigated by the remote control, which is motion sensitive. 

The Qube will be priced at $129 (£84) in the US. Asus will be providing 50GB of cloud storage with purchase through its WebStorage service. No word on a UK launch yet.

Will you be picking up the Qube?

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 16 April 2013.