It might have only be available in the UK for weeks rather than months, but Apple is already saying that it is to update the Apple TV.

The company, who posted strong profits at the beginning of the week, has said that it will add new features and capabilities to its Apple TV device through a series of software rather than hardware updates.

Speaking to the analysts at the company's quarterly results, chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer confirmed the company plans to offer innovative features to the streaming device, introducing, "new software features and entirely new applications".

Although Oppenheimer refused to comment further, some analysts believe the news could mean that Apple might offer a subscription bases service for the device.

"IPTV is moving really fast, it would be silly to think that Apple isn't looking to introduce something in this area over the next year", an industry insider told us.

However in an unrelated interview Reuters is reporting that for now Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, has ruled out the possibility of subscription-based music sales for iTunes.
"Never say never, but customers don't seem to be interested in it", he is reported to have said.

In our review of the company's Apple TV on Pocket-lint we criticised a number of software elements such as the lack of parental control, that could easily be fixed with software updates.

We will keep you posted.