Orb, a PC software company is offering console owners the chance to stream music, video and images directly to their television via their console.

The company, which is currently urging consumers not to buy Apple's new Apple TV product will work with the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

"Because it's Apple, Apple TV will get a lot of buzz. But, let's look at the scorecard. Just 1 day after Apple announces Apple TV and Orb announces digital media support for all game consoles, Apple boasts zero users vs. Orb with 17 million users who can enjoy their media on TV. By the end of year - even in a wildly successful scenario - Apple will have 1 million vs. Orb's 25 million users who can enjoy their media on TV", said Joe Costello, chairman and CEO of Orb Networks.

Users have to download the free software and run it on an always on PC that is connected to their console.

Orb MyCasting lets you enjoy all of the digital entertainment stored on the home PC for viewing on any device with a streaming media player and Internet connection - such as other PCs, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones with streaming players, and now game consoles including Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.

Orb lets users build and organize their own "channels" for music, photos, video, TV, and documents stored on their home computer, as well as online videos from the growing source of internet TV and content sites.