Apple has followed Sony and Microsoft's TV offering and announced its internet TV offering which it is calling Apple TV.

Previously announced last year as iTV, the system will allow people to access music, pictures and video directly on their TV.

Apple has said the new device will hold 50 hours of TV and offer a host of connections including HDMI, USB2 and 802.11 wireless networking including b, g and the new wireless n draft so you can connect it to your Apple computer.

The feature lists include an Intel processing chip and interface that has been designed for widescreen TVs, and the ability to auto sync from Apple computers like the company already offers for its iPod.

Users will also be able to stream live movie trailers via the Internet as well as view side shows of photos. As with iTunes, movies and music get covers to give it a very interactive feel.

Apple has also introduced a feature that allows you to share content from other people's computers. The system allows you to share content on the fly without it leaving the laptop.

The new system will be available from Febuary and cost $299. Apple has at this time said whether or not Apple TV will be available in the UK.