Steve Jobs did not disappoint his fans at the special Apple event, making a final announcement with a new take on his token phrase, saying “And one last thing”.

He revealed an Apple set-top box slated for release in the first quarter of 2007, saying that the device “completes the story” started today with the new movie download store.

The wireless device, which looks like a Mac Mini at half the size, has been given the code name iTV, and features USB, Ethernet, 802.11, optical audio, HDMI, and RCA stereo audio connectivity.

It will also support the Apple Remote controller, and has an interface like the next generation of Apple’s Front Row software.

Because of its wireless connectivity, it allows users to get direct access to trailers and the iTunes store straight from the internet, and also lets users stream HD.

The new device will be both PC and Mac compatible and will hit the shelves at $299.

Jobs said, “Apple is in your den now. Apple is in your living room. Apple is in your car. Apple is in your pocket”.