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(Pocket-lint) - Although we expected a new Apple TV to be announced earlier this year, we've not had a peep. In fact, not even tvOS got a mention during the recent WWDC keynote.

However, a report claims that Apple will look to upgrade its TV set-top-box later this year, with some new internal hardware and more memory. Just don't expect an upgraded HomePod too, as that's unlikely to appear until 2023.


Bllomberg's Mark Gurman writes in the latest edition of his weekly newsletter, Power On, that a new Apple TV - designated by the internal model number J255 - will gain an A14 chip and an additional gigabyte of RAM.

With the 2021 Apple TV 4K sporting an estimated 3GB of RAM, that'll put its successor up to 4GB. This and the new SoC should make the new model faster and even more capable to run Apple Arcade games.

As for the next HomePod (B620), Gurman suggests that Apple plans to increase the size again - making it more like the original HomePod than the Mini.

He also writes that it will sport a similar chipset to the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 8. Most interestingly, perhaps, is that it will also adopt an updated display on the top with multitouch functionality.

We guess we'll find out more in the coming months as Apple gears up for a busy fall period.

Writing by Rik Henderson.