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(Pocket-lint) - Nomad, a company relatively well-known for producing high quality leather accessories for Apple products - including iPhone, AirPods and iPad cases - has introduced a new cover for the Apple TV's Siri Remote. 

This cover isn't like every other standard leather cover, however. It hides a pocket for an AirTag inside it so that you never lose your Apple TV's remote again. 

By doing so, it enables a feature Apple arguably should have introduced to the Siri Remote from the beginning: using Find My to locate it whenever it goes missing. Which - if there are children in the house - happens more often that you'd imagine. 

The cover doesn't come with the AirTag itself, but just has an AirTag-shaped pocket inside the cover, so you do still need to buy the AirTag separately if you haven't got one already. 

Like most things Nomad produces, it's made from a slim Horween leather produced in the US which will - over time - become weathered. Or, to use the technical term, patina. 

The case itself weighs around 33 grams not including the remote or AirTag, and features a soft microfibre lining to ensure the aluminium remote casing is protected from scrapes and marking. 


It's available on back-order now direct from Nomad Goods with an early bird price of $33 in the US, with a full retail price of $39 when stock is more readily available on 15 June. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.