(Pocket-lint) - In amongst the software updates and new features unveiled throughout its two-hour WWDC livestream, Apple also showed off a genuinely exciting trailer for another show coming to Apple TV+ at some point.

Foundation is based on the hugely influential and revered novels by Isaac Asimov, required reading in the eyes of many science fiction aficionados, chronicling the tribulations of psychohistory, a model of thought that can predict the future in broad strokes. Apple had confirmed it was in development in 2018, but delays had seen it fall off the radar somewhat.

It's conceptual stuff, and Apple's vision of the narrative looks suitably totemic, with moody-looking tableaus and a cast that's got some impressive names in TV right now.

In particular, Jared Harris and Lee Pace will be looking to capitalise on some excellent recent work, the former in the all-time great Chernobyl and the latter in the unfairly cancelled Halt and Catch Fire. 

All of this comes in the context of Apple's premium streaming offering slightly (read: very much) struggling to produce a subscription-worthy show, a phenomenon of any sort. Apple boasted that Apple TV+'s reach has surpassed a billion screens, but that numbers feels mighty hypothetical to us. 

Still, Foundation looks genuinely exciting, and even if we've got a free year from a recent device purchase, we'll certainly be tuning in to see how Apple treats one of sci-fi's great texts. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Stuart Miles.