(Pocket-lint) - Apple has marked an escalation of its policy for Apple TV+ by reportedly signing a deal worth $70 million to have Tom Hanks' new World War II movie, Greyhound, premiere on its service exclusively. 

The film was meant to release in cinemas imminently, but is one of many to have been affected by widespread global closures in the industry, and now looks to be joining the ranks of movies which have skipped theatrical releases entirely. 

Sony Pictures had previously bought the distribution rights for the film, but after delaying its release eventually decided to can it altogether, sparking an apparent bidding war, which Apple has won. 

The film is apparently expected to debut on the service sooner rather than later, with Apple keen to take advantage of the extra viewing hours people are racking up while isolated at home. 

This is an interesting time for Apple TV+ more widely - after flurries of initial interest generated by the likes of The Morning Show and the year-long free trials given to many customers buying premium Apple devices, interest seems to be subsiding. 

We already heard this week that Apple is planning to buy up older shows to stream on its platform in an effort to attract people to it, and securing current premieres and exclusivity, especially those with stars like Tom Hanks attached, is likely another prong in that tactical approach. 

Of course, even with Greyhound added to the library, when it does release, Apple TV+ still won't have the juiciest of lineups. That will have to come with time. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.