(Pocket-lint) - Apple could release a "Gen X" Apple TV, iPod Touch, and even a pair of over-ear AirPods soon - if newly spotted retailer database listings are to be believed.

Target's inventory system has leaked listings for a new "Apple TV Gen X", which has a price of $180, as well as an "Apple iPod Touch X Generation", with a price of $400. There's "Apple Watch Series X" bands, too, listed at $50 each. Target employees sent shots of these listings to 9to5Mac. They're thought to be placeholders for future products, although it's not certain if they're legit.

Another leaked listing from Target’s product database, according to YouTuber Jon Prosser, reportedly references a fourth Apple device called “Apple AirPods (X Generation)". They have a $399 price tag and could come in three different colours. Prosser speculated they might be Apple's long-rumoured over-ear headphones, but the listing doesn't include any specific information.

Jon PresserAirpods Over-ear Headphones And Other New Apple Devices Spotted In Target Inventory Leak image 1

Actual images of these devices were not uncovered in the Target leaks, nor were any details about the devices themselves, so there is a lot of speculation about what the listings could be for and when these devices will arrive.

It'll be three years in September since Apple launched the Apple TV 4K, so it's long overdue for an update. But we've known for a few weeks that a fresh box might arrive sooner rather than later. Apple recently released a beta version of the tvOS 13.4 software update that contained mentions of an unannounced Apple TV. Add it all up, and the company is likely preparing to debut a new Apple TV.

Rumours are indicating Apple could hold a press event at the end of March. If true, perhaps we could see Apple's new devices debut then?

It's unclear why these devices have appeared in Target's system, however, especially since Apple has yet to officially announce any of the products.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.