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(Pocket-lint) - When the latest Apple TV was unveiled a year ago it raised a few eyebrows. That's because, excellent streaming box that it is, it didn't have support for 4K video. It seemed short sighted at the time, becoming even more so as rivals released their own Ultra HD-enabled devices.

Now what looks like a new Apple TV box has popped up as part of a filing on the Federal Communications Commission in the US and it does promise at least one added feature.

Whether 4K is one of those is still unknown though. The FCC regulates wireless communications in technology, not video signals, so all we can gleaned from the Apple application for a device named "A1844" is that it has both Bluetooth and NFC support, as revealed by tests having been carried out on both.

The latter is particularly interesting. Bluetooth is in the latest Apple TV already, with support for external games controllers and other accessories. NFC though is something Apple doesn't usually use in the same way as other.

Usually, an entertainment box would have NFC support to pair it with a compatible phone or device (such as Bluetooth headphones). But iPhones only use their built-in NFC tech for Apple Pay, so we're not entirely sure why the company would add it to an Apple TV box.

Apple / FCCnew apple tv surfaces in fcc filing has bluetooth and er nfc  image 2

Of course, the device in the filing might not be an Apple TV at all. There are several clues to suggest it is, however. One diagram not hidden by confidentiality agreements shows a suggested label to appear on the bottom of the device, which has a similar shape and screw configuration as the current Apple TV box.

The electrical power ratings are similar too.

Hopefully, being positive, this all means we'll soon see a new box soon. And being even more positive, it will have 4K HDR video streaming capabilities. Perhaps it'll be part of a rumoured October launch event, where the company is also tipped to unveil the new MacBook Pro.

Fingers crossed.

Writing by Rik Henderson.