(Pocket-lint) - After Apple was said to have ditched plans for its own television broadcast service at the end of last year, there have been few rumours about its TV expansion plans. And the Apple TV set-top-box is still waiting for something to ignite its potential, beyond a few games, apps and voice control.

There are a few improvements for the device coming, which were detailed at WWDC 2016. It will get additional app support, including Sling TV in the States, and a Live Tune In mode that more easily switches between different livestreaming channels.

In addition, Single Sign-on will automatically authenticate you in all pay TV apps you subscribe to, as long as they support the function.

But these are tweaks rather than a groundbreaking new feature. That, says Recode, will be rectified soon.

Industry sources, it claims, have revealed that Apple is looking to add a digital TV guide, similar to the one used by Microsoft for its OneGuide Xbox One software. It will list specific content on multiple supported video streaming services.

You will get, for example, an EPG like on your television, but with Netflix programming listed as a channel. Then HBO, etc. You can then click on the show and it will start instantly, without you having to search for it in an individual app.

According to Recode, Apple is in discussions with services about providing the metadata for their shows and films.

No timeline has been mentioned as to when this might happen, but it would certainly add something new to the latest Apple TV box.

Writing by Rik Henderson.