(Pocket-lint) - So, the new Apple TV is now available for purchase, and you got your hands on it already and want to know how everything works.

No problem. We got you covered.

If you’re looking for the best new Apple TV apps to try right now, check out Pocket-lint’s round-up here. But if you already have a few in mind and want to know how to search for and download apps, keep reading.

The new Apple TV not only comes with an all-new look and interface and remote, but also a new Apple TV App Store. It's young, so there's not too many apps being offered at the moment, but there are a few worth browsing already. We therefore compiled a handy little guide for you, with the purpose of helping you understand how to search for apps, download and re-download apps, and learn more about apps.

That's right. Apple's new box lets you choose the apps you want to download and use. Previously, Apple basically curated a select group of apps and displayed them via the old Apple TV’s rectangle tile interface. You only had the ability to use them or hide them.

Things have changed since the new box launched though, and here’s how…


How do you search for new apps?

The Apple TV App Store is new, so there are no categories or top charts. You have to search for apps by launching the App Store app from your homescreen, then swipe over to the Search tab, and swipe down to access the virtual keyboard. From there, enter the name of any app, then swipe to access the surfaced results, and click an app icon to see its page.

The App Store also offers a Feature page and a list of trending apps in search.

Note: The App Store app looks like a dark blue version of the tile above.

How do you download new apps?

The simplest way to download apps on the new Apple TV is by going to the App Store app from your homescreen, then find the Featured tab, and browse the apps highlighted. From there, click any app you find interesting. You will then see its cost. It might be free, free with in-app purchases, or a paid app. Click the free/price button to get the app and then confirm.

How do you re-download your apps?

If you already bought an iPhone or iPad app and want the Apple TV version, you'll find those under your Purchased tab in the App Store. Launch the App Store app from your homescreen, then select the Purchased tab, and click on the app you want to re-download. You must confirm you want to restore the purchase by clicking the Download from iCloud button.

Can you learn more about new apps before downloading?

You can access the full description of any app. Just use your remote to swipe up and highlight the description, and then you can click the highlighted description to see more. You can also magnify an app's screenshots by swiping down to highlight the screenshot, then clicking the screenshot to make it full screen, and swipe left or right to view other screenshots available. Simples.

Once finished, click Menu on your remote to return to the app's page.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.