(Pocket-lint) - Tell somebody to get a case for a TV remote control in the past and they'd think you'd gone doolally. But Griffin is the first third-party manufacturer to announce a protective case for one, and it's not as daft as you'd suspect.

With Apple partly aiming its new Apple TV at the gaming community, with motion control functionality for its touchpad-enabled Siri remote, it makes sense that users might want to add a spot of protection to the device.

Like with Wii remotes in the past, there is a possibility that a player might get a little too exuberant while battling aliencraft and fling the Apple TV remote through the air.

That's why the Griffin Survivor Play for Siri Remote cover is a good idea for those worried that their new device might get smashed or even smash into other things.

It is made of non-slip, impact-absorbing silicone so makes it easier to maintain a firm grip on the new remote. It also has extra thick grips to make it more comfortable to hold.

All buttons, the touchscreen and Lightning charge port have unrestricted access and it will definitely give piece of mind to those who worry about such things.

Availability is yet to be revealed - we'd expect the Apple TV to launch first, in October - but Griffin has announced that it will cost $19.99 (around £13), with shipping to the UK.

You can find out more and sign up for email alerts on when it will be available at griffintechnology.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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