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(Pocket-lint) - With all the rumours currently pointing towards an Apple TV refresh at the company's 9 September launch event, one enterprising graphics designer has decided to give his take on what the new interface should look like.

A cross between the current Apple TV interface and iOS 9, Andrew Ambrosino envisions an interface that is very much like your smartphone complete with a photo centric lock screen that you touch the remote to unlock and a constant reminder of the time so you can use your TV as a giant clock.

Inspired by Apple's WatchOS, the designer has also introduced glances that can be swiped left and right through multiple apps and then pressed (presumably on the remote) to access the app in full.


A new Apple TV means the chance to access apps, something that is heavily rumoured, and here they are displayed as they would be on your iPad so you can find them quickly.

Andrew Ambrosino could the new apple tv interface look like this image 12

Other tidbits include picture-in-picture so you can still carry on watching television while you search for your next thing and of course Siri built in so you can bark your commands across the room rather than having to use a keyboard or the fiddly remote control as you do now.

If that wasn't enough Ambrosino believes they'll be a live TV option as well letting you scroll through channels with a preview of what's on for each one.

Apple is expected to launch a new version of the Apple TV on the 9 September with new features like universal search to let you search across all subscription services, possibly 4K support, and a revamped OS.

It's clearly too late for Ambrosino plans to be adopted if the product launch is happening so soon, but it will be interesting to see how close his guess was and whether or now we'll see any of the features or this approach in the future on the set top box from Apple. 

Pocket-lint will be covering the Apple Autumn launch event.

Stay tuned.

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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