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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's next-generation Apple TV is coming - and it'll be completely overhauled when compared to its predecessor, which hasn't been updated in over 900 days. The new set-top box might even feature universal voice search.

According to John Paczkowski at BuzzFeed, Apple will unveil the next Apple TV on 9 September. It'll have a long list of new features, including more powerful specs, a new remote with touch-pad input that also doubles as a game controller, its own app store, Siri integration for voice control, and lo and behold - universal voice search.

While we've repeatedly heard about most of those other features mentioned above, thanks to several leaks over the last few years, the universal search feature is something new. It'll let you conduct a search for a show or movie across different apps and services. Both Roku and Amazon Fire TV currently offer a similar universal search feature.

Universal search will enable searches not only across multiple streaming video services but also Apple’s iTunes Store, and you’ll be able to search for actors and directors too. But the best part is...you'll do all this searching with Siri. The universal search feature will include support for voice searches and should drastically improve the user experience.

BuzzFeed also claimed the upcoming Apple TV will start at $149 and should soon have that oft-rumoured subscription internet TV service. 9to5Mac followed up BuzzFeed's report, claiming the fourth-generation box will have flash-memory storage that ranges from 8GB to 16GB. Pricing for the new box should start at $149 (£97) for 8GB or $199 for 16GB.

However, 9to5Mac noted Apple is considering the release of just the 16GB model for $149. Either way, the new box will feature an app store, iOS 9 software, an A8 chip found in the iPhone 6s, a few ports for power, small USB, and HDMI, and a dark gray/black design with a matching touch pad remote that has tactile buttons and motion control.

9to5Mac's Mark Gurman also said it will be taller and thicker than the current Apple TV, while still maintaining the same look. It will definitely include system-wide Siri support for universal search as well - but don't expect 4K support.

Even though the new iPhones are expected to shoot in ultra high-resolution, the Apple TV is sticking to 1080p.

Writing by Elyse Betters.